Key Features

feedback elimination

feedback elimination

Anti-Feedback control can be engaged and adjusted to eliminate the body resonance feedback often associated with amplified acoustic guitars at high volume levels. To eliminate body resonance feedback, switch the filter in and adjust the anti-feedback control until the body resonation reduces. You should find a “sweet spot on” the control where any feedback present disappears.

Class D

Class D

A Class D output section provides a powerful, lightweight solution to sound reinforcement requirements. Class D amplifiers have the advantage of having a very high-power conversion efficiency and less power dissipated as heat removing the need for large heat sinks which allows them to be lightweight, powerful and very cost effective.



Keep things tidy and remove the need for a cable by connecting your audio source via a Bluetooth capable device. Once you have successfully paired your device, you typically will not need to repeat the pairing process.

  • 4 x 4” woofers & HF tweeter

  • MP3/Aux in

  • Battery Indicator

  • Link out

  • Link in

  • Sub Out

  • Li-ION battery pack

  • GB-AH4x4 live in carry case optional extra

  • FS1-MINI sold as accessory

  • Up to 24 Hours battery life

  • On-board digital Reverb & Echo


  • 6 Channels including inputs for XLR, Jack, Aux & Bluetooth
  • Pole mount option
  • 4 selectable EQ modes
  • Super Portable
  • Item dimensions: 540mm x 175mm x 175mm (HWD)
  • Carton dimensions: 635mm x 215mm x 210mm (HWD)
  • Item weight: 6.10kg