Our legendary Lionheart range of tube amps have graced stages the World over, in addition to providing the guitar tone on many recordings. Laney artists like Cory Wong, Tom Quayle, Lari Basilio, Max Clilverd (Tom Odell) love the parallel single-ended Class A tone that they provide – they’re also great pedal platforms too – so it’s no wonder that they attract a diverse range of guitar players, from Funk maestros and Fusion masters to professionals providing the tonal backbone to Modern Pop crooners.

Boutique, chiming clean tones and an overdrive that blossoms into gorgeous, saturated tube lead tones...There’s something for everyone in the range.
In recent years we have focussed our UK production on high-end products and we are delighted to announce that we are expanding our output to include the iconic Lionheart range. We have also upgraded and updated some of the livery too, with a matching Blue leather handle and brushed steel-like vents and control panel.