The Difference Engine

it's not what you play, it's what happens next...

Powerful Delay Engine

The Difference Engine superbly emulates three classic eras of delay.

  • Analogue
  • Digital
  • Dynamic

Its powerful processor then allows you to manipulate time by combining features from each era to form new and stunning unique delays

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The tape echo era – modelled around the RE space echo family of delays featuring all the warmth and analogue nuances of tape.


The digital era – based on the crisp sounding digital delays of the 80’s with tap tempo and freeze functions.


And thirdly the Dynamic Digital era – based of the power delays of the 90’s with modulation and ducking features

  • Warm sounding analogue tone.
  • Delay times up to 1250ms.
  • Straight delay from a single head.
  • Multi-head delays - classic overlaid delay effect.
  • Tape artifacts - WOW & FLUTTER
  • Straight digital delay - 2500 MS of delay.
  • Multi Tap Delay
  • Modulation on repeats.
  • Tap tempo.
  • Based on the legendary 2290.
  • Straight DUCKED digital delay, up to 2500 MS of delay.
  • Modulation on repeats.
  • Phase reversal on delay repeats - wrap around delays.
  • Multi Tap delay

Combined Power

Combine features from each era to create unique delays


100 Patches

The Difference Engine is preloaded with 50 artist patches created by the players themselves. This handcrafted and gorgeous delay engine comes ready to use with stunning presets pre-loaded. Artists such as Tony Iommi, Lari Basilio, Tom Quayle, Martin Miller, Billy Duffy, Alex Hutchings, Vernon Reid and many more have crafted bespoke delay patches in addition to some remarkable presets in the style of players such as EVH, Slash, Andy Summers, to name but a few.

Lari Basilio

"...Such a cool pedal!"

Martin Miller

"...The core sound is very good! I especially enjoy what the colour-function is doing to the sound and the tape delay is especially cool"

Tom Quayle

"...I am amazed at how intuitive and easy this delay unit is to use (no manual required!) and the sound quality is off the charts, especially the incredible analogue tape delays and modulation"

Pete Honore

"...It sounds brilliant!!"

Alex Hutchings

"..the sign of any great bit of gear is that you can lose yourself in the Music, I really enjoyed it – sounds great, looks cool and the screen is brilliant"

Max Clilverd

"...It’s an amazing bit of kit, really intuitive"

Stereo & Expression

True stereo in and out means you can use a single input to produce a stereo output or run stereo in and out.

Take control of various delay parameters in real time, with the use of an expression pedal.

Midi Controllable

Full featured MIDI input and output supporting both MIDI CC numbers and Program Changes.

Performance Grade Display

The Difference Engine features an ultra-sharp, stunning 2.43” OLED display screen. Perfect for all types of performance environment and vantage point.


Control Surfaces

Powerful functionality, beautifully expressed…

  • Add Modulation

    Controls the amount of modulation of the delay repeats.

  • Find the balance

    Controls the overall level of the delay repeats.

  • Shape the tone

    Controls the tonality of the delay repeats.

  • Control the feedback

    Controls the duration of the delay repeats.

Multi-function rotary encoder

The Edit control lets you select the unit of values to be edited. When editing MS values press once for seconds, again for tens, again for hundreds. This makes scrolling up to long delay times very convenient.

Press and Rotate

Pressing the Edit control allows you to enter/select a parameter to be edited, rotating the Edit control to adjust the selected parameter.


  • Item dimensions: 59mm x 150mm x 121mm (HWD)
  • Carton dimensions: 80mm x 210mm x 150mm (HWD)
  • Item weight: 0.6kg

What's in the box?

  • High quality MIDI to USB cable included.