Welcome to the Laney family Max!

Normality seems to be resuming, light on the horizon you could say? We think so, and with that comes an announcement long in the making but absolutely worth the wait… Max Goff, bass player with Brit Award winning artist Tom Odell has joined the Laney family playing the Digbeth DB500H and DBV810-4.

Bass player with Tom Odell for over ten years, Max joins Laney playing the new Digbeth range. We first spoke with Max in 2021, having met numerous times over the years at Tom Odell gigs, we finally had a product that fit the needs and demands of a bass player playing some of the biggest and best stages there are to play. We caught up with Max at the Tom Odell headline show at Brixton Academy in London, a sold-out show on the cards, we asked Max what about the Digbeth attracted him to join Laney:

“I went to Laney HQ to try out the Digbeth and immediately knew it was something that would suit not just my playing style but the rigors of life on the road. It is a ferocious bass amplifier and easy to get to grips with.”

To start, the amp is easy to get setup, the DB500H straight into the DBV810, that is it. An easy interface to get things set, Max has his Digbeth set relatively flat, using the unique ‘TILT’ knob to bring in extra low-end or high-end depending on the gig and the stage he is playing on. At Brixton, the stage is hollow and wooden, so a little roll off of the ‘TILT’ to ring a little bit of bass thump to the overall sound:

“It is so easy to get a good sound from the Digbeth, I am not one for messing around with an amp to fit the room every night, and to be honest, we don’t have time to do that anyway, we have about an hour of soundcheck and that is usually used to adjust certain songs for the show, so it is great to get a solid sound straight away at any venue.”

Max is using the blend feature of both channels on the Digbeth, where channel one, the ‘FET’ gives a lot of headroom, channel two, the ‘TUBE’ gives a bit of crunch and distortion exactly where he needs it. He has a pedalboard but having the amp sound as it is, there isn’t much push regarding tone from his board, his sound is coming direct from the amp, which is good news to us!

You can watch the full rig rundown with Max on the Laney YouTube channel, alongside another video with guitarist Max Clilverd who plays guitar for Tom Odell where both discuss how they met each other and why they both decide to play Laney.

Now, let’s have a look at what Max is running through…



CAB: DBV810-4

We are super excited to have Max on board and joining the Laney family, we are proud to have the right people playing our amps and he fits in perfectly with the ethos of what we do at Laney.