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Real Plugin

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Modern Vintage

The infamous 1967 Laney SUPERGROUP amplifier reimagined in a studio format and fused with cutting edge technology.

Hi-Fidelity, low volume

The LA-STUDIO is an Impulse Response loaded, 3W or <0.1 Watt version of the critical acclaimed LA30BL head. Loaded with a full Two Note Torpedo module, the LA-STUDIO is a real tube amp with all the benefits and ease of use of a digital PLUGIN. Real hot tubes, real hot tone, real feel and real dynamics. The LA-STUDIO is a REAL PLUGIN.

Real Tube Amp

Featuring 3 ECC83 Large Plate pre amp tubes and a 12BH7 Power Tube, the LA-STUDIO is a classic 3 Watt all tube head with some surprises up its sleeve.

Key Features

  • Low Power Class AB Tube power stage
  • Integrated Two Notes Torpedo, Emulated DI out
  • Integrated high quality reactive load for silent cabinet free operation.
  • Equipped with a brake switch. When engaged, the Brake reduces the output from 3W RMS to 0.1W RMS. Low volume without