If you'd blind A/B'd me between the original amp and this, there's literally no way I could have told the difference

Tom Quayle

The BLACK COUNTRY CUSTOMS LIONHEART-LOUDPEDAL built in the UK and designed in conjunction with Tom Quayle, a long-term Laney artist. Tom is the foremost fusion legato player in the world with a strong reputation as an artist and educator, having produced and sold a large number of highly acclaimed tuition products to thousands of guitar players from every corner of the planet. A true player’s player, Tom is renowned the world over and can count Dweezil Zappa, John Petrucci, Brett Garsed, Greg Howe, Andy Timmons, and Tim Miller amongst his many fans.

His immense standing in the guitar community has led to two signature Ibanez guitars and some of their most successful clinic tours.

Tom has always loved the LIONHEART sound for its rich and uniquely responsive tone.

"When I first saw this, it was a genuine mind-blowing experience, because it's such an aesthetically pleasing product to hold," describes Tom. "It just feels amazing and looks so cool. And they got the colouring for this, just like the LIONHEART amp. And that kind of was really, really pleasing to me." – Tom Quayle


The LIONHEART-LOUDPEDAL is designed to be the tone engine of a flexible pedal board setup with a feature set that replicates the acclaimed Lionheart all-tube tonal range - with the addition of a non-Lionheart feature – a BOOST function.

Meticulously designed and hand built in our UK BLACK COUNTRY CUSTOMS workshop to deliver real LIONHEART tone in an analogue, pedal amp format. The LIONHEART LOUDPEDAL is a two channel, 60-watt amplifier featuring powerful EQ switching, stunning reverb and – for the first time ever on a LIONHEART – a built-in preamp boost inspired by the legendary Black Country Customs Steel Park circuit - one of Tom Quayle's personal favourite boost pedals.

Designed in collaboration with Tom, who continuously tested the design giving us informed feedback helped us to deliver incredibly articulate, rich LIONHEART tones in a pedalboard-ready form, no bigger than a double pedal!

The LIONHEART-LOUDPEDAL is truly versatile when it comes to your workflow. You can put it Infront of your regular amp setup and use it as a high-quality twin channel clean boost to full-on distortion pedal. You can plug the LIONHEART-LOUDPEDAL directly into a passive cabinet on stage or in a rehearsal room.

The LIONHEART-LOUDPEDAL comes pre-loaded with two cabinet IR’s created by Tom specially for the LIONHEART-LOUDPEDAL. You can even load your favourite 3rd Party IRs into the LIONHEART-LOUDPEDAL, EQ existing IR’s and the save them with the free LA·IR app via the USB-C connection.

"The independent EQ thing is really, really cool because that's not something you see very often," notes Tom regarding the LAIR app’s unique IR EQ functionality.”

Tom continues, "The LAIR technology allows you to have two IRs stored on the device. You can actually have more than that in the app, but two on the device. The really cool thing is they can have independent parametric EQs, fully parametric EQs per IR. So, if you've got an IR that you really like, that's maybe a bit spiky in the high end, you can actually tame that one. Whilst not having a global EQ on the IR's, they're actually independent per IR. So that's a really, really useful feature for people who like to use those two IR's and make them both kind of perfect for a particular venue or for a particular recording scenario. It's very powerful."


The USB-C connection also provides latency-free audio out directly into your preferred DAW.

The LOUDPEDAL gives you the ultimate grab-and-go guitar solution with studio-grade tone wherever you go. Just throw it in your gig bag alongside your other pedals and you're set!

The LIONHEART-LOUDPEDAL is a true Lionheart amp flat on the floor!

"My favourite feature is the size of it," Tom explains. "Because I can take this so easily anywhere in the world. And the DI out sounds so good with the IRs on there that, you know, just plug this into a PA or into a cab anywhere in the world. And I've got the LIONHEART sound in this format this size, it's just incredible. So, it's incredible for travel, basically, because of the size."

Key Features

  • 60W RMS
  • Two Independent Channels with footswitchable control designed from the ground up to replicate the Tone AND feel of the Lionheart tube series
  • Channel 1 & 2 with Gain, Volume and switchable Bright, Natural and Dark voicing
  • Built in Footswitchable Pre-Boost with level
  • Digital SECRET-PATH Reverb with footswitchable control
  • LA·IR High Quality Digital IR emulated balanced XLR Out with selectable FRFR, CAB A or CAB B and ground lift switch
  • Class Compliant Audio streaming via USB C socket @48kHz (Emulated and un-emulated main out twin stream)
  • LA·IR APP allows loading your own custom IR's, IR EQ'ing and firmware updates.
  • Midi In and Thru, with full size Midi connectors
  • 6.3mm FX Loop (FX Send doubles as a none emulated line out)
  • 3.5mm Stereo Aux In and 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Output (With Cabinet Emulation)
  • 100-240V Universal Voltage, IEC C14, lead included
  • Comes loaded with 2 of Tom's custom IRs - an IR of his Closed back LT112 cabinet and an IR created from his open back L20T-212 amp Created especially for the LIONHEART-LOUDPEDAL.


  • Item dimensions: 67mm x 199mm x 143mm (HWD)
  • Item weight 1.7Kg
  • Carton dimensions: 280mm x 570mm x 210mm (HWD)
  • Carton weight 3.0Kg

What's in the box?

  • High quality braided USB C:C 1M CABLE
  • Laney branded USB A(M):C(F) ADAPTOR
Software Registration

Software Registration