The LANEY IRONHEART FOUNDRY series LOUDPEDAL is a powerhouse 60-Watt twin channel amplifier in a pedal format. You are now part of our crusade to deliver crushingly powerful amplification. A journey that began in 1967 in The Black Country, in the heart of England.

Here, Thomas Newcomens atmospheric engines transformed mining, kickstarting the furnaces and forges of the Industrial Revolution, darkening the skies for miles around and creating The Black Country; the birthplace, and the home of Laney Amplification.

Just as the innovations of Newcomens 'Fire' engines drove the Industrial Revolution, the innovations of our renowned Ironheart Series have driven musical revolution on stages and in studios worldwide. The IRONHEART FOUNDRY series has been forged in the searing heat and power of those performances to deliver monstrous power and incredible versatility in an ultra-compact form.

Now...We, your humble Master Tonesmiths of the Midlands, have created a monster. Compressed and contained in a die-cast metal box, fed on riffs and power chords.

It is LOUD.


The LOUDPEDAL can be used directly into a passive cabinet on stage or in a rehearsal room. Delivering 60 Watts RMS of power!

The LOUDPEDAL is all you need.


Using the LOUDPEDALS onboard high-quality cabinet emulation you never need to mic a cab again. You can plug the LOUDPEDAL directly into you DAW for writing and recording. You can turn the cabinet emulation off and use your favourite IR’s it’s your call.


An aux-in on the LOUDPEDAL makes practising on the tour bus a breeze. Practice and play in complete silence anywhere and whenever you want.


There is no better pedalboard-based tone solution than the LOUDPEDAL. As part of the ultimate fly-rig the LOUDPEDAL can be used live on stage into a regular passive guitar cabinet, or plugged directly into the front of house PA or your IEM set-up whatever you choose. Great IRONHEART tone every time.


Use LOUDPEDAL's high quality fully isolated FX loop send and put the LOUDPEDAL directly into the front of your regular amplifier and use it as a high-quality twin channel boost/drive pedal.


Stephen Platt

“I love having the tone of the Ironheart in a pedal format. It’s such a cool little amp!”

Lari Basilio

"INCREDIBLE work on the pedal!!! I've been playing it and it so sounds amazing, by itself and also with my pedals! Wonderful!!!”

Jack Thammarat

“It’s amazing!! It makes me want to play more and more. It’s perfect for my car studio”

Vernon Reid

"A 60 watt amp in a pedal! What a cool idea!"

Glenn Fricker

"Who misses lugging around massive tube amps? I don't!"

Mattias Ia Eklundh

"What an ingenious device! Smart, user - friendly and the astounding, massive sound of a Laney amp squeezed into a little box."

Zack Breen

“The Loud Pedal is sick, the perfect addition to my fly rig.”

James Joseph

“Putting the LOUDPEDAL direct into a cab and it’s a fly - rig game changer. I use the boost on max for some extra gnarly bits.”

Josh Baines

“This pedal is insane. So handy for travelling, tiny but still got the Ironheart sound!”

Kon Hall

“Smashed it with the LOUDPEDAL, immediately put into our fly rigs. Sick bit of kit.”

Cameron Brown

“60 watts of versatile amp tones, two channels and an effects loop.....all in a pedal... a fantastic alternative to the ways of old”

Paul Glover

“Sounds massive, feels like my IRONHEARTS, sounds like my IRONHEARTS and it can go where I go, absolutely amazing, I am in love with this thing”

Key Features

  • 60 watts RMS
  • Two Channels both with Gain and Volume.
  • CH1 with selectable clean/rhythm/lead gain modes
  • CH2 with selectable bright, natural and dark voicing
  • 3 Band passive tone stack
  • Input pre-boost level and footswitch with LED indicator
  • Balanced male XLR DI out with switchable analogue speaker emulation
  • Loudspeaker out (8 Ohm)
  • Transformer isolated high quality effects loop
  • Channel select footswitch with LED indication
  • 3.5mm stereo aux in jack
  • 3.5mm stereo headphone jack
  • 100-240V universal voltage power supply included (24V)
  • On/Off soft start power switch


  • Item dimensions: 62mm x 151mm x 124mm (HWD)
  • Carton dimensions: 120 x 280 x 265mm (HWD)
  • Item weight 1.1Kg

IRF Loud Pedal Manual