If you've never experienced a LOUDPEDAL, I urge you to check one out, plug it in, and have your mind blown.

Martin Miller

The BLACK COUNTRY CUSTOMS IRONHEART-LOUDPEDAL has been created in conjunction with the amazingly talented Martin Miller.

Martin has been a Laney fan since his early teens – growing up to become one of our top artists – as well as an Ibanez signature artist, renowned teacher, and music producer.

"… I've been using Laney amplifiers for most of my life now, for more than half of my life. I bought my first Laney amplifier when I was 18 for my first pay from social services. I was always drawn to the thick, creamy, compressed distortion that was cutting but warm, thick but transparent. It's just, to me, it's among the best gain structures that exist in the world when it comes to high-gain metal styles. To me, it's just one of the best types of distortion I can think of when it comes to my style of guitar playing." Martin Miller.

Martin is also one of the most successful Jam Track Central Artists, with many of his tuition packages being top sellers. In recent years, his Live Session videos for his YouTube channel with the Martin Miller Session Band have propelled him to new heights of stardom, A-list guests, nearly a million subscribers and huge viewing numbers on all of his content.

Martin has always been a fan of the IRONHEART range, their versatility and dynamism allowing him to sound great whether he’s playing traditional Jazz, or a ripping Metal solo.


Beautifully hand crafted at our UK workshop –Black Country Customs -the IRONHEART-LOUDPEDAL is ingeniously engineered to reproduce our renowned IRONHEART tone in a compact, analogue pedal amp configuration. Boasting two independent channels a robust 60-watt power output, this amplifier incorporates dynamic GAIN switching, plus captivating reverb, and a footswitchable BOOST function. Developed in close collaboration with Martin, whose ongoing involvement in refining the design has been instrumental, the IRONHEART-LOUDPEDAL ensures the delivery of exceptionally expressive and sonically lush IRONHEART tones in a conveniently pedalboard-friendly package no bigger than a double pedal! The IRONHEART-LOUDPEDAL is truly versatile when it comes to shaping your guitar tone. Channel 1 features the ability to shape the gain response of the channel, from clean to asymmetric or symmetrical clipping. Channel 2 features three different voicing modes - Bright, Dark, and Flat.

"The channel I use by far the most, which is possibly 95% of the time if not more, is channel two, because channel two in itself is extremely versatile. So, for example, I would run a volume pedal in front of the input, or I use the volume control of my guitar to dial that way down, turn off the boost, and have a really spanky, clean, yet still compressed tone. I crank up the volume on the guitar or on the foot pedal - I have a mid-gain sound, and then I hit the boost, and its all-out shred goodness. So that's all within channel two. I go to channel one if I want something that is super pristine and uncompressed, clean, almost like a warmed-up DI signal."

The IRONHEART-LOUDPEDAL is an entire rig solution in a portable pedal. Clever design means it can be used in different workflows. You can place the LOUDPEDAL in front of your existing amplifier and use it as a high-quality twin channel clean boost to full-on distortion pedal. The IRONHEART-LOUDPEDAL can be used directly into a passive cabinet on stage or in a rehearsal room.


For silent stage and recording applications the IRONHEART-LOUDPEDAL is equipped with the amazing LA·IR – Laney Advance Impulse Response technology, using 56bit FIR filters to provide high quality cabinet emulations, allowing you to select from 2 onboard IR’s, EQ them to your requirements and plug directly into the PA or IEM rig without losing any of the nuance and character of a great mic’d cabinet.

You can even load your own favourite IRs into the IRONHEART-LOUDPEDAL pedal with the free LA·IR app via the USB-C connection. The USB-C connection also features audio out which means you can connect it directly into your DAW.

The IRONHEART-LOUDPEDAL is a true Ironheart gain monster - flat on the floor!

Let’s let Martin have the last word on this

"If you've never experienced a LOUDPEDAL, I urge you to check one out, plug it in, and have your mind blown."

Key Features

  • 60W RMS
  • Two Independent Channels with footswitchable control designed from the ground up to replicate the Tone AND feel ofthe Ironheart tube series.
  • Channels 1 & 2 each with Gain & Volume.
  • Built in Footswitchable Pre-Boost with level
  • 3 Band Passive Tone Stack and Tone Control
  • Digital SECRET-PATH Reverb with footswitchable control
  • LA·IR High Quality Digital IR emulated balanced XLR Out with selectable FRFR, CAB A or CAB B and ground lift switch.
  • Class Compliant Audio streaming via USB C socket @48kHz (Emulated and un-emulated main out twin stream)
  • LA·IR APP allows loading your own custom IR's, IR EQ'ing and firmware updates.
  • Comes loaded with 2 of Martin's custom IRs - created by Martin, especially for the IRONHEART-LOUDPEDAL
  • Midi In and Thru, with full size Midi connectors
  • 6.3mm FX Loop (FX Send doubles as a none emulated line out)
  • 3.5mm Stereo Aux In and 3.5mm Stereo Headphone Output (With Cabinet Emulation)
  • 100-240V Universal Voltage, IEC C14, lead included
  • Pre-loaded with two custom IR captures of Martin's cabinets.
  • Channel 1 features Clean or Drive mode (Symmetric or Asymmetric)
  • Channel 2 features Bright, Flat & Dark modes.


  • Item dimensions: 67mm x 199mm x 143mm (HWD)
  • Item weight 1.7Kg
  • Carton dimensions: 280mm x 570mm x 210mm (HWD)
  • Carton weight 3.0Kg

What's in the box?

  • High quality braided USB C:C 1M CABLE
  • Laney branded USB A(M):C(F) ADAPTOR
Software Registration

Software Registration