Full Frequency Flat Response Digital guitar rigs offer the player an un-paralleled degree of choice when it comes to their rig set up. In a digital world, virtually anything is possible. To make a digital guitar set up work live you need a guitar cabinet and amplifier combination that faithfully recreates your studio sound, live and loud without adding any additional unwanted tonal content.

Switchable cabinet emulation allows you to add the frequency characteristics of a cabinet of your choice to your DI-Signal without the need for micing a cabinet.


Key Features

  • MP3/Aux in
  • XLR DI out
  • Ergonomic side mount grab handles
  • 800 Watts
  • XLR/Jack combi sockets
  • Switchable front illumination
  • Single channel
  • HF Trim
  • Full Range Flat Response
  • 2 x 12" Custom Drivers + 1" La Voce compression driver


  • Item dimensions: 770mm x 555mm x 360mm (HWD)
  • Carton dimensions: 880mm x 655mm x 470mm (HWD)
  • Item weight: 28.8kg


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