Malevolence at Download Festival 2022!

The future of British metal is in safe hands…

Saturday at Download Festival is one of the biggest dates on the rock and roll calendar, so it is safe to say that it is always in need of something more than special to maintain its reputation, step up the future of British metal: Malevolence.

Crowds on the second or third day of a festival are, as you might expect, feeling a little fragile, and after many years of watching early afternoon festival sets, it is often noted that the crowd take a while to get into the music, however this year the mid-afternoon second stage set from Malevolence smashed all of those normal ideas out of the window, or field….

The crowd were thirsty for riffs, excited and rowdy when the band entered the stage, their Laney backline perfectly in sync with their new album artwork backdrop. The huge roar from the ten thousand or so crammed into the field said it all. Malevolence are not just arriving, they are here, their new record is a success and off the back of the Architects support slot on their arena tour, the only way is up.

Custom covered Laney Ironheart full stacks are the order of the day for Malevolence guitarists Josh Baines and Kon Hall, with a similar custom job on the Laney Digbeth rig of Wilkie Robinson. These rigs look incredible, with the artwork from the new Malevolence album ‘Malicious Intent’ donning all eight guitar cabs (4 x GS412IS, 4 x GS412IA) and all sixteen bass speakers (2 x DBV810).

Wilkie Robinson – Malevolence

Josh Baines – Malevolence

Kon Hall – Malevolence.

The future is very bright for Malevolence, that includes a headline slot on the second stage at this years Bloodstock 2022 festival, which of course we will be there for, and we can’t wait!

The future is bright, the future is Malevolence.

Alex Taylor – Malevolence