Laney Amplification began in 1967 when Lyndon Laney, whilst playing in a local band, “The Band of Joy“ with John Bonham on drums and Robert Plant on vocals, turned his musical interest into amplifier construction. Initially working in his father’s garage. Lyndon Laney sought to design and build amplifiers with key “tonal” characteristics that were unheard of at the time.

Formed in 1967 by Lyndon Laney, Laney Amplification is a West Midlands based guitar and musical instrument amplifier manufacturer who were closely involved with Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath in the birth of the ‘Heavy Metal’ music genre. Since 1967, Laney Amplification has gone on from strength to strength and is now a multinational company that continues to design ‘tone’ solutions to enable musicians of all playing styles and levels to attain their ‘tonal’ ecstasy. Laney work with globally renowned musicians and bands such as The Prodigy, Killswitch Engage, Skindred, Black Sabbath and many more. Their design archive collection spans the music decades.



Launch of Supergroup – LA60BL

Lyndon Laney makes Robert Plant a PA system for Led Zeppelin’s US tour

During this musically fertile time in Birmingham and the West Midlands, Lyndon Laney’s innovative amplifiers gained popularity among many musicians in the local gigging circuits and through word of mouth demand for his amplifiers grew and grew.


Pa - 100

Black Sabbath release their debut record

Laney’s signature tone, coupled with unrivalled performance and affordability were key characteristics that helped set Laney amplifiers apart from its competitors. Laney amplifiers were highly sought after and used by numerous local musicians, one noted musician being Tony Iommi of Black Sabbath, who used Laney amplifiers during the recording of their seminal first release “Black Sabbath“ launched on Feb 13th 1970. An album which defined the new sound of Heavy Metal.


Klipp Amp

Launch of the klipp amp

In a period of rapid expansion through the 1970s, Laney developed a new range of innovative “KLIPP” amplifiers. The KLIPP was a development from the first-generation Supergroup, featuring built-in treble booster. By now, Laney was large scale manufacturing at the now famous Custard Factory in the Digbeth quarter of Birmingham City.


Aor Pro-tube Lead

Hot-rodded right out of the box

Aor Stack

Heading towards the 1980s, playing techniques and styles had evolved greatly. Discerning players wanted tonal control and of course more gain! In answer, Laney released their AOR (Advanced Overdrive Response) tube amplifiers. AORs were hot-rodded ‘right out of the box’ with the addition of an extra stage of pre-gain. Met with acclaim, the AOR series was used by players such as Vinnie Moore, Warren Di Martini, Ace Frehley, Vinnie Vincent and George Lynch, to name a few.

DP300 & 2X DP12518
Dp 150010

First graphic EQ bass amplifier. A huge step forward in bass amp technology.


Hair Metal

Heading towards the 1980s, playing techniques and styles had evolved greatly. Discerning players wanted tonal control and of course more gain! In answer, Laney released their AOR (Advanced Overdrive Response) tube amplifiers. AORs were hot-rodded ‘right out of the box’ with the addition of an extra stage of pre-gain. Met with acclaim, the AOR series was used by players such as Vinnie Moore, Warren Di Martini, Ace Frehley, Vinnie Vincent and George Lynch, to name a few.

Warren Dimartini of ratts rig


Theatre 8300

To be with you

1991 – Nirvana’s “Nevermind” released and the Seattle Movement takes over rock radio. More alternative music takes centre stage. Metal and rock still live, but a more classic, alternative sound is now in favour, along with more vintage and traditional instruments. As taste in music evolved, so did Laney. In the 1990s Laney continued to build on its reputation for producing ground-breaking amplification by bringing modern design and build techniques to the Dark Art of tube amplification. Among the stars of this era were the first GH amplifiers (the GH100L, GH50L and GH100S), the VH100R & VC50 and the VC30. Laney also released the Tube Fusion series which combined solid-state power amplification with valve pre-amplification in a package that changed the hybrid amplification market.




The mid 90’s Brit Rock movement was perfect for the EL84 Class A VC30: Players were looking for more vintage and honest tones, but with modern reliability. The LC30 and LC50 combos were also added, becoming the choice for players needing more gain and versatility in a portable combo. Confident in the demand, Laney could now give users an enviable selection of product choices. In 1996 the LC15 was released to great acclaim – starting the ongoing trend for smaller wattage, portable, tube amplifiers and delivering real tube tone at manageable playing volumes. With a user list through the 90s that read like a who’s who of players – Paul Gilbert, Tony Iommi, Frank Gambale, Andy Timmons, Pat Travers, Joe Satriani, Nuno Bettencourt to name a few – Laneys were being seen on stages all over the world and recognised as a serious tone expert among performing musicians.

GC80A Power Ballad

In a 1990’s world of power ballads the GC80A was the first amp to combine both a dedicated acoustic channel and dedicated electric channel in the same amplifier. Ideal for those heartfelt acoustic moments in the middle of a rock set!


Laney TF200 Best of Amp of 1999 £100-£300 Music Reader Awards


B1 - first class d bass amplifier


2001 sees the launch of the Laney B seriesof bass amplifiers: The first ever Class-D bassamps on the market – amazing powerfulperformance without the weight.



Designed to provide the rehearsing andgigging musician with everything theyneed to be heard – whether at a gigor rehearsing Laney Concept PAprovided working musicians witheverything they needed from mixersto monitors.



Laney Continues To Grow

Lyndon’s son James Laney started his ‘official’ career in the family business (his ‘unofficial’ one started much earlier!). To Lyndon’s immense pride, James is now CEO for the group. In 2004 Laney relocates once again to a new custom-built facility in nearby Halesowen (UK). Long time friend of Lyndon Laney and the company, Tony Iommi cuts the ribbon at the grand opening of the new HQ.



Laney’s 40th anniversary in 2007 saw the launch of two very special ranges – NEXUS high power bass amps & LIONHEART parallel single-ended, Class A tube amps: Both widely acclaimed product ranges still remain intrinsic to the Laney offering today. The Lionheart models found their way into many live rigs, including those of huge bands such as The Killers & The Foo Fighters to name but two.




“one of the bestamps we’ve ever plugged into” … HIGH PRAISE INDEED Guitarist Magazine on Laney Lionheart L50H





In 2011, Laney were one of the main sponsors of the ‘Home of Metal’ exhibition at Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery where there was much press recognition of their contribution to the ‘Heavy Metal’ music genre, cultural heritage, historic link with The Black Country and the City.

The next step in the career-long collaboration between Lyndon Laney & Tony Iommi with the release of the monstrous TI100 amp which featured no less than 8 ECC83 pre-amp tubes! The TI100 was Tony’s exclusive amp for the recording and tour for Black Sabbath’s “13” reunion.



The son of Lionheart! Designed to offer simple straight ahead tubetone for players who want a simpleroute to a great guitar sound.



The rise of the IRONHEART range of amplifiers took the rock and metal world by storm, with many acclaimed artists such as Killswitch Engage moving to Laney. The fire-breathing IRONHEART models answered real player needs with standout features such as built-in pre-boost, vari-watt control and DI out with speaker emulation. Then followed the unique IRT-STUDIO, in which Laney connected the IRONHEART amp to the digital recording realm with its T-USB DAW interface.



Freedom to take your music anywhere you need to go.


The A1+ delivers hi-fi acoustic instrument amplification in a compact, portable and comprehensively specified package to match the tone and dynamics of the top acoustic instruments on the market.



The NEXUS-SL: Studio or Live. Sleek, powerful, portable. Unparalleled bass tones and a huge selection of features in a simple 2U rackmount format.



Laney designs the AUDIOHUB, a range of integrated multi-performance amplifiers for a wide array of audio inputs: Keyboards, e-drums, mics, acoustic and electric instruments… The AUDIOHUB series then becomes truly portable with the battery powered AH-FREESTYLE and AH4X4 models: Freedom to perform with confidence anywhere.



In 2016 Laney re-invented the much-loved GH series with the GHR, adding more refinement to the ‘tone machine’ master-volume amp format. As part of Laney’s long-term study of how guitar players interact with tube amps, GHRs feature a unique Master Output control to dial in just the right balance of pre-amp v’s power-amp distortion to find the personal sweet spot.


The LA100BL & LA412 are a faithful, hand built, point-to-point wired, reissue of the original amp and cab Tony Iommi used at the beginning of his Black Sabbath career. Everything in the amp is as it was in the original. From the hand drilled turret board, the parts list, the authentic hand wiring process and the original box frame styled output transformer. It is as close to the real thing as buying an original LA100BL.