IRT15H - the all-tube high gain IRONHEART pre-amp channel – with full EQ and switchable pre-boost. 15 watts or <1 watt of tube power

Forged deep in the Black Country, the Ironheart series continues the legacy begun decades before with amps such as the Laney KLIPP and AOR.

Packed full of features, amazing tone and a thoroughly modern and aggressive look, the Ironheart models are extremely versatile modern amplifiers

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15 watts or <1 watt

The IRT15H houses a single high gain Ironheart channel which features unique input options of 15 watts or <1W letting you choose your output level, a foot switchable pre boost function, drive, 3 band EQ and a volume control. Plus Pre-boost, Dynamics control, master Tone control and a high quality digital reverb.


With multiple speaker connection options, an aux input, a variable level FX loop and a speaker emulated record out the IRT15H has got everything you need for live, rehearsal or studio gigs.


Designed and engineered in the Black Country, Great Britain, the EL84 loaded IRT15H produces masses of crushing Ironheart tube tones.


  • New Wooden Cabinet
  • Yes (mini Jack)
  • Single IRONHEART channel
  • Pre-Boost, Drive, Bass, Middle, Treble, Volume, Dynamics,Tone & Reverb
  • Class AB
  • Jack for Live DI - Speaker emulated
  • Bass, Middle & Treble
  • Stereo FS2 - not supplied
  • Yes - variable level FX loop
  • 1 x Jack 15 Watts & 1 x Jack 1 Watt
  • Overall TONE
  • 2 x EL84
  • 15 Watts & < 1 Watt
  • 3 x ECC83
  • Laney designed Digital reverb
  • 2 x Jack - 8 & 16 Ohms
  • 180 x 460 x 245
  • 7.5 Kg Unit
  • Footswitchable PRE BOOST
  • Jack for Silent/Phones & Jack for Live DI - IMPROVED Cabinet emulation.
  • Mini jack
  • Illuminated logo

Demo video