Pro Select products are designed for professional, discerning players – designed to be ready to run at stage volume levels, to face the rigors of the road and deliver class-leading tone at every gig.

Each Pro Select Product is built by a dedicated specialist on Laney’s exclusive Pro Select tube production line and features hand selected - professionally matched tubes along with the highest quality components available.

Each Pro Select product undergoes an extensive 5-point high quality testing procedure which consists of: -

  • ‘Scope’: Full electronic test of all functions by highly skilled tube engineers.
  • ‘Shake’: Extensive mechanical test to ensure all parts are securely and firmly fixed.
  • ‘Burn’: 48 hour ‘burn in’ procedure to age test the unit at performance temperatures.
  • ‘Tube’: Additional tube inspection following the ‘burn in’.
  • ‘Play’: A real guitarist, does a real play test - because there is no substitute for experienced ears!

We are very proud of our Pro Select products – enjoy!