The AH210 is a complete PA system with dual enclosures, detachable 6 channel mixer and Digital Media Player. Mic and cables are also included.

Audiohub Venue models combine flexibility with performance making them ideal for a wide variety of sound reinforcement applications such as conferences, classrooms, parties, musical performance, worship, presentations, seminars, sports, aerobics, DJ’s, bars and more.

Whatever you need the Audio Venue has got it covered.

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Designed and engineered in Great Britain, the AH210 delivers 400W + 400W of power. Each of the two speaker enclosures  is equipped with a 10″ woofer and  1″ compression driver for punchy bass and sparkling highs.


The AH210’s clip-off mixer is equipped with an on-board Digital Media Player capable of taking an SD card or a USB memory stick and is fitted with Bluetooth to allow audio streaming from any Bluetooth equipped audio device: Stream your music straight from your phone!


The mixer  features four XLR mic inputs and two Jack line level inputs each with Bass, Treble and Echo controls as well as a two RCA inputs plus a stereo AUX in.  The AH210 is also equipped with a monitor feed via a pair of monitor out jacks and RCA outputs. Phantom Power may be switched globally to all Mic channels and a Master Volume control with level meter permits overall control of the complete system.


The cabinet enclosures are made from lightweight, impact-resistant moulded plastic making them both portable and road-worthy. The AH210 really is a convenient package – for transport the mixer simply clips to the rear of the first cabinet and the second cabinet features an integrated storage compartment for the included mic and speaker leads.


  • Trapizoidal lightweight moulding
  • 6
  • 1 x 10" Woofer & 1" Compression Driver per cab
  • ECHO on MIC channels
  • Bass & Treble controls on Mic channel only
  • XLR, Jack, Mini Jack & Media Player SD Card, USB memory stick & BLUETOOTH
  • Yes
  • 400W + 400W
  • Jack
  • 490 x 315 x 312
  • Yes - 35mm tripod mount