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Laney GH30R-112 Press Release

AUGUST 2017:

Laney proudly introduces a brand-new guitar amplifier. The Laney GH30R-112 is an all valve combo packing an impressive 30 watts RMS of pure power into a lightweight, open-back combo featuring the classic Laney GHR controls and a very special Celestion G12 V Type 12” speaker.

Designed and Engineered at our UK headquarters, the GH30R-112 calls upon 50 years of British legacy and heritage in building amplifiers to create one powerful, striking and versatile guitar amplifier.

The GH30R-112 allows a player to dial in the amount of Output section in their signal by balancing the amount if pre-amp gain.


At 21kg the GH30R-112 is lighter than it’s competitors but also has the power and headroom for serious performances. All for an amazing price, you won’t break your back or your bank to obtain powerful tone. A slip cover is provided with the amplifier so the good looks of the GH30R-112 are protected all the way!


The GH30R-112 has two channels with independent controls over your pre-amp and power amp. This unique feature of the Laney GHR family gives the player complete control and the possibility to own their tone, not just hear it. A great sound is found immediately, but YOUR sound is found when a little time is spent with the GH30R-112. A real ‘tweaker’ amp, a slight adjustment to the front panel and a difference can be heard immediately, once again showing the immediate responses that the GHR range of amplifiers harness.

It is not the case that Channel 1 is focused towards clean or Channel 2 is focused toward gain – they can be dialed in to produce whatever tone you are looking for. The more you ‘tweak’ your settings, the more you find your sound.


Useful connection options are at the tips of your fingers: The ‘Pull Bright’ on the Channel 1 Drive control, the ‘Pull Mid’ control where your mids will be immediately scooped, the British designed and engineered Reverb control with a pull option to turn your sound from a close reverb to a large and deep reverb, the independent Output Volume control on Channel 2, the Balanced D.I out to the rear of the amplifier (with cabinet emulation switch) down to the finer details like the FS2-Mini footswitch which is supplied with the amplifier. The FS2-Mini has be redesigned for the modern player, a player who has limited space at the best of times, the FS2-Mini gives the option of Channel switch or Reverb on/off in a handy size that can be tucked away on a pedal board or stored between use to the rear panel of the amplifier where the cage around the speaker provides protection to both the speaker and pedal.


  • 30 Watts RMS
  • All Valve ECC83 & EL34 Loaded
  • 1 x 12” Celestion G12 V Type
  • 2 Channels
  • Bass, Mid, Treb Controls (Mid with Pull-Shift)
  • Master Output Volume Control
  • Reverb with Pull Focus
  • FX Loop with Mode Switch
  • Foot-switchable Channel & Reverb (FS2-Mini Included)
  • Unique D.I post output section with level control.
  • Cabinet Emulation & Ground Link
  • Rugged Plywood Cabinet & Chassis
  • 2 Colour Covering
  • Slip Cover Included
  • Folding TILT Mechanism

Find out more on the GH30R-112 on it’s product page below:


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