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LANEY IN GERMANY: Jörg Bracht Interview

What is your first memory of music?
I started to play guitar when I was 12 years old in school, I was taught on nylon guitar, I played for many years with my father in a band playing dance music, so I learnt to play and sing so that’s where it started.

Why is the Laney the best choice for you?
I play a lot of old music and styles like Beatles and Stones, The Who and with the Laney Lionheart you have THAT sound. But you can also put pedals in either the loop or in front of the amp and it sounds incredible. If I play a metal gig I can get that sound, it is such a great amp. The natural sound from the L50H, you can play all music. Channel 2 you can drive it harder on the gain and get a really nice sound.

When did you first come across Laney?
When I first started with an electric guitar, the very first amp was a Laney, I still have it, it’s an AOR Pro-Tube Lead. I would never sell this, it is very special to me. Then I played a GHL and I found my sound immediately.

What is your signal path?
I only use a few pedals, one pedal for the solo, that’s a BOSS Equalizer pedal, I use it a bit like a treble booster really, just to push through the sound when I play a solo.

What is one piece of equipment you couldn’t live without?
Delay. Oh I need my delay and nothing else with that amp.

When was the last time you read a user manual?
Oh my! I never do that! I have tried but I just learn by doing, trial and error is the only way to do things as a musician!

What was the last record you bought or listened to?
Rival Sons. Wow what a band. I saw them on the last Black Sabbath tour and they were incredible.

Do you think the internet is good or bad for music?
The students don’t use the internet in the right way. They learn parts that work but they pick up a lot of bad habits that only get worse with time. So as a teacher I have to go to them and show them techniques that make playing easier for them. They pick the wrong tutorials of songs and then learn the song incorrectly, now I know music is about feeling but sometimes learning correctly sets you up to feel better. Most students want to copy a guitar hero and are happy with that rather than look up to a guitarist but then find their own style and become their own player. Some are happy to be an exact replica of Angus Young or Tony Iommi, Slash etc, I say to them “These guys have been done, make your own sound!” Listen to the music, how does it make you feel? Express how you feel!

    Any tips for aspiring musicians?
Listen to the old music from The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Black Sabbath, AC/DC etc etc, get your inspiration from them, learn about their styles then find your own. Create and never stop, always be open to all music. I find some young people get very guarded with the music they like, for example if a kid these days likes metal music he feels it is a sin to listen to jazz, but look at where the metal pioneers got their inspiration from, it comes from the blues, jazz and so many different styles of music.


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