Sean Angus Watson

Sean Watson is an American musician with a talent for fingerstyle electric guitar and live looping. His musical experience began very early with piano lessons during primary school. He then went on to learn a variety of instruments and by 14 he was playing bass guitar in a jazz band, cello in a string ensemble and percussion in a symphony.


As he grew older, the electric guitar became the focus of his studies and he began formal lessons with guitarist Chris Arellano, a renowned player known for pioneering the Mexican-American style Neuvo Americana. Like many young guitarists Sean was first enamored with classic rock and blues, drawing inspiration from legends like Stevie Ray Vaughan, Muddy Waters, and John Scofield. Later in his teens he would go on to perform in the Guitar Center Battle of the Blues contest and took home first place in a regional stage of the competition. He played in multiple groups as a lead guitarist and supporting musician and over the years his influences expanded to include folk music, hip-hop/rap and electronica.


At university he studied media and spent several years honing his skills in photography, videography and music production. There he took part in multiple filmmaking endeavors including directing a live music television show and creating an award-nominated documentary series about fine arts. While he wasn’t actively studying guitar during his time in school, he continued to play for several hours each day.


In 2017 near the end of his college career he began experimenting with a loop pedal and it quickly became a fundamental part of his sound and style. Today, he spends his time teaching guitar lessons and producing video content that joins his love for the visual arts and his affinity for live looping.

Sean plays the Lionheart L5-Studio and Ironheart IRT-Pulse.

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