Ollie Clark

Ollie clark is a young musician from London. After growing up on blues and jazz he met a well known classical guitarist/composer named William Lovelady. Lovelady taught Ollie how to play, how to create and how it works, also the skill of the nylon string guitar, Ollie’s strongest form of playing. Ollie is not restricted to just being a player and writer, he has experience in music production, in which he has written and produced for adverts, short films, circus shows and more. Ollie plays all instruments on his recordings. Ollie does a lot of sessions currently the session guitarist for Will Heard, a talented soul/funk singer.


His album written by himself and a Lil Rice is due to be released later this year, produced by the Chris Kimsey who worked closely with the Rolling Stones producing many of their records. With his old fashioned methods, Lil Rices Janis Joplin like voice and Ollie’s playing they have created “a gem with the sound of the 70’s.”


Ollie also plays with soul/pop talent Will Heard. Will’s rise to fame was helped when he featured on the Rudimental song ‘Rumour Mill’.

Ollie plays a Laney Lionheart L20T-212 and a Laney A-DUO.  

Follow Ollie and hear more of his playing here: