Karim Serri

Karim Serri is the Guitarrist for the Brazilian Groove Metal band Legacy of Kain. He also played with Seven Angels from 2000 to 2010 releasing 2 albums in South and North America. After that, he Released an álbum with Brazilian Thrashers Doomsday Hymn in 2014 connected to a South American tour and is now working on the Legacy of Kain’s debut TBR in August 2017.
The LOK EP was aclaimed by the specialized mídia and push this guys to record their first álbum and connect it to a South American tour for promotion, beginning on November 3rd in Brazil, Bolivia, going through Peru, Chile and Paraguai. Legacy of Kain, despite of beeing a new band, already have a huge promotion plan for their upcomming projects.

A new South american tour is beeing scheduled for 2018 in Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, Uruguay and Argentina and also an European tour for Oct/Nov 2018.

Find more out and hear his music at the following:


Demo video