You need a real guitar track, Played by real guitarists, instead of Virtual soundfiles?

Do you like to save yourself the time you usually have with amp miking, cabling and leveling?

As a guitarist and experienced live musician, I have been reciting for a long time in my studio for various producers. For this I get the playback sent, then play both predefined parts as well as optionally own proposals, which I then as a wave file back. If desired, a direct signal can also be branched off, which can be used for the own sound design – all this at a fair price – and the advantages are obvious:
• The preparation time is no longer necessary, because everything in my studio is already wired and optimized
• AuthenticGuitar offers you a large assortment of amps, guitars and effects that you would otherwise have to transport in a small truck
• You can rest in your work while I record the guitars for you Of course, this does not mean, if desired, to appear in the studio in person. If interested – just contact me and we can discuss the details.