CUB Range

The CUB series all feature great straight ahead vintage tone. The design ethos behind the CUB amps is “ňúSmall is Beautiful” There are plenty of situations when small is king and having smaller wattage amplifier allows you to get classic vintage sounds without complicated control layouts or excessive volume.

cub8 200 x 200


Laney CUB 8 – 5 Watts RMS Single Channel, All valve amplifier.

cub10 200 x 200


Laney CUB 10 – 10 Watts RMS single channel, All valve amplifier.

cub12 200 x 200


Laney CUB 12 – 15 Watts RMS, < 1 Watt RMS single channel, all valve amplifier

CUB12R reupload


Laney CUB 12R – 15 Watts RMS, < 1 Watt RMS single channel, valve amp with Rev

position altered


The CUB HEAD finally gives players access to great valve tone like never before.