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Yamaha Thailand Event 2012

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Siam Music Yamaha Thailand recently held a big event in at the Parc Paragon to showcase Yamaha and Laney Musical Instruments, amplifiers and sound system innovation. The focus was to highlight the technology in music and was headed by long time Laney endorsee, amazing player and all-round good guy, Jack Thammarat with his signature Yamaha guitar. Jack was joined by some great musicians who were proud to share their experiences and tips including Zak Bond, award-winning drummer and songwriter from the US and our old friend Alex Hutchings, guitarist and composer from the U.K., Laney and Jam track central. Alex demonstrated the new Laney Ironheart IRT-STUDIO and as expected, his performance was amazing. Jack Thammarat gave his usual world class performance on the Ironheart IRT120H & IRT412. The event was a huge success and the response to the new Laney Ironheart Studio was amazing. – and it was the first time ever used live in front of a large audience worldwide !! Big thanks must go to Siam Yamaha for staging on such a professional event. This was the first time the new IRT15H, IRT-Studio, IRT112 and the extremely Impressive Tony Iommi combo had been demonstrated and the response was simply amazing – as it has been everywhere else so far!