Australis Laney Dealer Event

Australis Dealer Day

We recently had the opportunity to attend a major dealer event held by our Australian Distributor, Australis Music, where Ian Wright, my colleague who covers that region, was able to run Laney presentations to approximately 50-60 of Australia’s most important dealers. The dealers were split into groups and spent two days rotating between brand displays, where a 20-30 minute brand presentation was held, with the focus on key new products. In addition to the presentation Ian gave, which included the history of the Laney brand, recent Artist and Marketing Activity and New Product releases, we were very fortunate to have our Aussie Laney Endorsee Sam Vincent demonstrating the unique Lionheart L50H, the fabulous new Ironheart products – IRT15H, IRT112 and the ground-breaking IRT-STUDIO – as well as the great new Tony Iommi backstage TI15-112 combo. The new products sounded amazing – especially given that Sam only met the units that morning, he did a fantastic job and, of course, fell in love with the IRT Studio in the process! The response to all the new Laney products was extremely positive; however the IRT- STUDIO created huge interest and quickly became the star of the show. In fact several new dealers were signed up on the day due to the demonstrations given, and in response to what they saw and heard. We even sold a couple Tony Iommi stacks on the day! Overall the event was a great success for both Laney and Australis, and I am sure that when you get the opportunity to show these exciting new Laney products to the dealers in your market, you will receive the same positive response. Just make sure you have enough in stock to supply everyone! A big ‘Thank you’ to Australis for putting on such a professional event and to our friend Sam Vincent for helping us out on the day -cheers!!
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