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Very happy to announce that @renellshaw from the incredible @rudimentaluk has joined the Laney family! Lots of big and exciting things to come from him and his brand new Nexus SLS-112 and N410!



Laney Festival Round-Up 2016

The literal festival season may be over but that dim the shining light that has been 2016’s summer festival programme for us here at Laney!

Starting with Download and all the way through to Reading & Leeds we stopped along the way to Ramblin’ Man Fair where we hosted a total of 24 hot bands in hot weather on the ‘Laney Rising Stage’ and we say hot because the sun positioned itself in such a way on the Saturday that bands were taking to the stage pale and leaving after their set with a sunburn! Our first time at Ramblin’ Man and it certainly won’t be the last, a complete success that also saw us meet Dirty Thrills for the first time, get blown away by them and form a bond that has developed into them coming on board and using GHR and Nexus SLS for Jack and Aaron.

The same weather conditions weren’t mirrored a few weeks previously at Download Festival. The site located on the Donnington Park Race Circuit was what can only be describes as a WASH-OUT! The heaviest rainfall the festival had ever seen, tents washed away, mud up to your eye balls but that certainly didn’t diminish or damped (pun pun pun) the spirits of the 100,000 festival goers who enjoyed some of the worlds finest rock and metal across three days. Amongst the artists were Laney chaps Joel & Adam from Killswitch Engage and Dan Pugsley from Skindred, both bands smashing their sets respectively and both acts played during the heaviest of the rain, Killswitch on Saturday and Skindred on Sunday.

It seemed that post Download our weather fortune stayed positive (we most likely received our years pounding of rain entirely at Download) and none more so than at what can only be described as the festival with THE best location in the UK, that festival was Boardmasters. We headed to Boardmasters having only been once before and this year we only had two of our artists playing, Dan Hutchinson of Raleigh Ritchie and George Hasbury of Tiggs Da Author. This year though we decided to do something a little different, we took Laney equipment along with our partnered brands TAMA, Zildjian, Ibanez and Schlagwerk to the festival to host an artist warm up area. Nobody could have predicted the success of this little green and white tent. With the thermometer reaching 340C there was a lot of passing musicians who popped their head into the tent, saw the Lionheart, GHR & Nexus and liked what they saw… then they played them and fell in love. From Boardmasters we connected with Charlie Fowler, Jesse Eigen and Chris Brown all of whom have come on board with the Nexus SLS that they saw on the day. SO a very successful weekend was had, this was all topped off by Ricky Wilson from Kaiser Chiefs popping into the tent and becoming besotted with the Lionheart L20T-212 of which our demo artist Lee Wraith was showing off in all it’s glory. After seeing his love for the amp, Ricky later posted on Twitter and Instagram to over half a million followers about how cool our Lionheart is, and well without being biased (amp pun there) Ricky, we agree!

A thoroughly successful summer festival season with plenty of outcome and lots of excitement for next year as it will be bigger and better than ever!

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Here are our favourite shots from our travels to festivals from this year:

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We’ve been waiting a while but we are SO EXCITED to finally announce that Jack Fawdry and Aaron Plows from the phenomenal Dirty Thrills have joined the Laney family! They are playing GHR and Nexus SLS respectively.
The future is very bright for these lads, find out more on their artist profiles below!


jackkkkkkkk-square 10635834_579777662126438_6796573556950524593_n aaaaaaaron-square


We are very excited to announce that Charlie Fowler from the seminal Foxes has joined the Laney family today. Days like these are very special, very special because his first amp was a Laney RB5, his new amp is a Nexus SLS. Dream big kids, it can happen.

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We are very please to announce that we’ve just signed an awesome bass player by the name of Jesse Eigen. He’s providing the lower tone in Louis Berry‘s band and is SMASHING IT!

Very pleased to have Jesse on board! Find out more about him below!



Laney at Boardmasters Festival 2016

We made our way down to the picturesque Newquay in Cornwall to the wonderfully situated Boardmasters Festival. Our artists Raleigh Ritchie and Tiggs Da Author were playing. We also hosted an Artist Warm-Up Area where we welcomed many of the weekends biggest names into the tent to practice and warm up. A complete success and some very exciting news to come from them in the next few weeks!

14053984_10154342766577667_6479714074810971049_n 14064163_10154342766477667_8983079652501245514_n 14095942_10154342766467667_5996438622559610882_n 13939441_10154342766442667_1049859513990207847_n 14095882_10154342766427667_8322237640265566863_n 13935164_10154342766362667_564792216491962801_n 13988294_10154342766357667_7234807025441919833_o 14063951_10154342766287667_4372413837516252233_n 13920859_10154342766277667_6278890360227215221_n 14034750_10154342766237667_4972959659727937451_n

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Download, read and get involved with our brand new edition of Just Play It (JPI) the Laney magazine that gives you a low down on what we have been up to here at Laney in recent months!

In this issue we travel to Thailand with CEO James Laney who visited our Asia to meet and greet our distributors and a few artists along the way. We hear and learn about what makes a speaker work, the recent visit to Poland, how #JUSTSTICKIT is coming along plus many many more articles.

These are all available HERE for you to read, consume and love!


Laney at Ramblin’ Man Fair 2016

The weather was hot, the music was loud and the crowds were incredible! This year saw Laney sponsor The Rising Stage at Ramblin’ Man Fair in Kent. We had some phenomenal new, exciting and hungry bands take to the stage to tame the crowds and warm them up for the festival. Starting at 12PM on Saturday 23rd we saw Leogun take to the stage to deliver a phenomenal set of rock and blues with a definitive British edge, the crowd started small but ended huge, a definite 500 people gathered round in appreciation for the first band on the rising stage. Throughout the day we saw the temperature rise along with every band taking to the stage captivate an enthusiastic audience who were begging for more and more after every song! Just what we love to see!

The Sunday failed to disappoint and the music just kept coming to fill the ears of the waiting crowds, we thoroughly enjoyed the weekend and have some exciting news about some of the bands that played on our stage!

Watch what happened below:


July was quite the month for us here at Laney HQ, not only did we have the incredibly versatile AH4X4 come out but we also announced a phenomenal 500w version of our classic Laney Nexus SL bass amplifier.

Quite literally a shrunk SL, the SLS has all the features you have come to know and love with the SL but in a much smaller, lighter, tighter and compact package. Part of the world renowned NEXUS range the SLS takes all the tone, power and flexibility bass players have come to expect from NEXUS and packages it into an ultraportable amp. It may be small and lightweight but it does not compromise on features or quality. The New NEXUS-SLS has not only won the battle against portability and versatility but its won the war on the balance between light in weight and heavy in sound. This is a bass head designed with the player in mind, putting your mind at rest from the moment you plug in, and at a mere 4.5kg, very competitive and reasonable pricing it won’t break your back or your bank! We live in a day and age where the home studio is a near essential for the modern player and the incredible T-USB option on the Nexus SLS lets you connect right into your computer and becomes the digital interface between you and your music. Alongside the T-USB function there is the standard Jack input (HI & LO), D.I, Headphones, Mini Jack, FX Loop, Tuner, Footswitch and Output Loudspeaker.

Along with the incredible Nexus SLS there is a combo version, something new for the Nexus range. This is a stand alone unit that houses a 1X12 inch neodymium speaker. A small, highly powerful, ultra compact and mega reliable bass combo amp. A great bass combo needs to be compact and easy to move around without being too heavy yet also be able to move some serious air. With the Laney NEXUS-SLS112 there’s no need to break your back or break your bank to achieve your killer tone. This is a bass combo designed with the player in mind, putting your mind at rest from the moment you plug in, and at 19.5kg plus very competitive and reasonable pricing it won’t break your back or your bank!

Find out more about both these Nexus products on our product page!

_0003_Nexus-live-Left---CLEAR Nexus Amp Right Lights CLEAR



We have been sitting on this one for quite some time while we continued with it’s development to ensure it is the best product we could do!

So what is it? Well AH4X4 is a lightweight, versatile, completely portable battery powered PA system. Designed and ready to go for use wherever you are, for whatever you are doing. We really don’t want this to be seen as ‘just another busking amp’ because although it is the perfect match for buskers and outside street performances it has much more potential. It’s versatility speaks for itself, to start with 6.5kg is nothing for a system that is powered on batteries (mains plug optional), it has bluetooth so them parties or BBQ’s will never be boring again, simply hook your phone up to the AH4X4 and get the music playing! There are 6 input options including the very clever double usage XLR/Jack input for vocal or instruments, having this feature means the size is reduced because one port is doing two jobs, quite literally GENIUS!

The clever back panel shows the options of different EQ’s for whatever is put in the AH4X4, this also works when you are connected via Bluetooth or Aux for audio, so say there’s a song that needs a bit of extra bass, well selecting the bass heavy EQ setting on the back panel will ensure that the EQ is adjusted just to the right amount. Making one feature do two jobs is a real secret to the AH4X4 as the EQ lights work as the battery usage indicator. So say you’ve been using your AH4X4 for a few hours and are unsure of the battery life, well hold down the battery button and it will flash the relative EQ lights to show you how much battery you have remaining an essential but life saving feature!

Enjoy up to 24 HOURS of continuous battery power use! The Intelligent Power Management can switch between Regular and ECO power modes to get the upmost performance usage from the batteries: 3 x Lithium ION cells or 8 x AA batteries can be used*. Alternatively, the AH4X4 can be used direct from a power supply where mains power is available.

Powerful sound projection for audiences up to 80 people, on board digital FX for reverb and delay, 4 preset EQ Channels, high tech Class D, 4X4” Speakers plus HF Tweeter.

Check out the 3D render of this little beauty on it’s product page:



_0006_4-4-back---CLEAR _0005_4-4-Down---CLEAR