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The Thomann Sommerfest is an annual event held at Thomann’s headquarters in the beautiful Upper Franconian village of Treppendorf. This is a very rural location in the rolling hills, lakes and forests of northern Bavaria. Thomann’s home village is dominated by the Thomann campus which constitutes the original store set up by Hans Thomann in 1955 and now run by his son, Hans Thomann, the many warehouses, including the latest huge automated building populated by robotic pickers as well as some of the 1200 people who work for company, the impressive service department which sets up and services the tens of thousands of different instruments that Thomann sells, and the large restaurant complex that the company provides for its employees and customers alike.

Many of Thomann’s suppliers partner with Europe’s first and largest online store to present a day of music and fun to well over 3,000 people who gather from all over Germany to see bands and artists from all over the world.

This year we were privileged to present the headline band, Freak Kitchen; guitarist Mattias IA Eklundh using his Ironheart stack and bass player Christer Örtefors using his Nexus-SL, N410 and N115. The day concluded with a stunning set from the Swedish progressive rock band made all the more remarkable because drummer Björn Fryklund had a broken shoulder – it did not seem to make any difference to the power with which he hit the kit! The Viking spirit shone through as the guys raised the roof of the large marque.

All in all it was a great day; great atmosphere, great music, great food and great beer!

Here are some of our favourite images from the event:

DSC_0195-sommerfest DSC_0627-sommerfest DSC02128-sommerfest DSC02209-sommerfest DSC02292-sommerfest DSC02300-sommerfest


Earth, Wind And Fire @ The London 02

This Friday the people of the UK were treated to what can only be described as the absolute living legends and originators of the original funk and disco sound, and team Laney was right there, our artist Serg Dimitrijevic has been playing with EWF for several years, after an impressive spell in the recording studio wth the guys, they were so pleased they made him permanent!!




Serg’s tone blended so well with the master of Bass, Verdine White, that when we linked up after the show, he came over to tell us how great the man himself sounded.  Serg and EWF will be touring for the remainder of this year, having already headlined Glastonbury, it seems like Disco is definitely back on the menu.


To find out more about the GHR 

To find out more about EWF’s Tour




It’s festival season, so what does that mean? Rain, mud, dirty burgers and over priced beer? Perhaps so, but in the land of Laney this years festival season means you have the chance to WIN a one of a kind Laney amplifier that has not only been to all the big festivals but has been signed by some of our biggest artists!

We call the amplifier the ‘Frankenamp’ because it’s got a bit of everything on it, different handle, different badges, different corners and some extra cool features. The only thing you have to do to get the chance to win this one off amp is to comment and like our post on Facebook or Instagram. Tell us what your favourite festival experience has been and that’s it, YOU’RE IN!

The amp is signed by to name a few…

Killswitch Engage, Skindred, Tiggs Da Author, Raleigh Ritchie, The Smith Street Band, Tom Odell, Good Charlotte, Earth Wind & Fire and MANY MORE!

The winner is announced in a few weeks so get involved!




DOWNLOAD 2016 – Rain, Rock and Rain plus Rain.

Before we start this blog, be prepared for as many water related puns as possible.


The Laney Ship set sail for Port Download and my word what a weekend was had! Our Artists Killswitch Engage, Skindred and Black Sabbath were performing and we were there to watch them rock harder than a ship in the mid atlantic.


The music was on our side but the weather wasn’t as a wave of rain battered the site from mid-Friday afternoon until the last note was played on Sunday evening, this didn’t dampen anybody’s spirits though, and in true Download style, everyone waded through the rain and had a great time.


Friday saw the turn of Killswich Engage and our two artists Adam Dutkiewicz and Joel Stroetzel who play Lionheart L20T-112 through IRT-412 cabinets alongside TI50 heads giving an unbeatable sound and their distinct tone for Killswitch.



Saturday started how Friday ended, sodden and soaked but the festival atmosphere continued to ooze and drip from everyone and the good times carried on. We moved from the main stage or ‘Lemmy Stage’ (as it had been renamed this year in honour of the great man himself) to see the rip roaring Skindred, and our artist Dan Pugsley. Dan has played many Laney Bass Rigs in the past and is currently using a Nexus SL through NX410 and NX115 cabinets, giving a huge and thunderous sound, something Skindred are synonymous for.




All in all the weekend was a success, and anyway, who cares about rain when there’s so much rock and roll happening, it didn’t bother the 100,000 people who went to Download, and it certainly didn’t dampen our spirits.


Long live Download, Long live typical British festival weather, and always without doubt #LoveMusicLoveLaney


Introducing our new series ‘Tone In 60 Seconds’.


This series of videos will show you how to achieve the guitar tones of some of our axe-wielding heroes throughout the ages. Starting with Brian May from Queen you can now achieve the iconic Bohemian Rhapsody solo sound.

Playing in this series is Josh Jones from UK rock band Black Tower, playing a Gibson SG Standard and Gibson Les Paul Gold Top Deluxe.

Some of the sounds you will be hearing include: Zakk Wylde, Angus Young, Steve Vai, Dimebag Darrell amongst others.


Stay tuned to our Facebook page for each video!


Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 11.00.31





Music Legend and Guitar Virtuoso Don Alder will be performing a very special Guitar clinic at Music Bros Ltd in Shrewsbury on Monday 9th May from 7PM and Sounds Great Music in Cheadle on Tuesday 10th May from 7PM. This is an unmissable opportunity to see Don up close and personal and the only chance to see Don do his thing in the UK.

Don will be showing the versatility of the Laney A1+ including his very unique way of combining the two input sections to create a much larger sound. This is an unmissable opportunity, however if you can’t get there in person, make sure to check our Facebook during the clinic at Music Bros Ltd in Shrewsbury as we will be broadcasting live around the world during Don’s performance.



As the bassplayer and founding member of international hit makers INXS, Garry has had a lifetime devoted to what he does best – playing bass in what is regarded as one of the best rhythm sections in one of the greatest international bands.

A newcomer to the Laney sound Garry has fallen in love with his Nexus SL head and lightweight cabs;

“I have been playing professionally since the late 70’s and I have played pretty much every bass rig made in my constant search for the perfect system for my sound.

This year I discovered Laney amps and I am blown away.

They have the great rock tube bass amps that we all grew up with and love, but they also have the new Nexus line of Hybrid amps and cabs. Super light, brilliant sounding, able to produce all the sounds I’ll ever need – and they look pretty sexy as well.

I am looking forward to a great relationship with this company, they believe in what they do and love their work- Just like me!”

He will be grooving through a Nexus SL Head, a N115 topped off with a N410 set of cabinets.

His playing and sound has served as an integral part of a band that sold well over 45 million albums, won numerous international awards and sold out countless Arenas and Stadiums around the globe during a long and productive career.

Garry studied electronics and woodwork during his school years and has always been actively involved with every aspect of his bass sound.

He has customized bass amps, designed cabinets, and championed vintage amp line reissues for some of the biggest  amp makers in the world.

He has now designed, developed and Patented his own unique bass guitar pickup, The Quad (TM), which will be released for sale in 2016 by the Mojotone pickup company of North Carolina.

2015 heralded the formation of Garry’s new supergroup, STADIUM.

The members of Stadium are comprised of live performers from famous international bands such as, INXS, Aerosmith, Morrissey, Smashmouth and Bon Jovi.

Stadium is currently writing and recording a debut album in Los Angeles, Garry’s home for the past 10 years. The album is due for release in 2016.

Stadium will be playing on the world stage soon..

Stay tuned


The power of prog is thrust back to the top and exactly where it should be with this seminal body of work by an undisputed hero of prog rock.

Mr. Francis Dunnery is back.

We spoke with Francis, who is well known for his truthful words and his trusty Laney Lionheart L20H with LT212 cabinet. Here’s a bit about his recording process when creating a fresh body of work;

The whole concept of recording guitars is something which I have spent the last few years getting into. I never used to bother trying to get guitar sounds, I paid little attention to the process but after hearing some of my early work I have decided to try and perfect the art form.

After checking out tons of amps I chose the Laney Lionheart because of the overall quality of the sound.
Since plug ins came on the market everyone thinks that if you have a picture of a huge stack amp then it sounds like a huge stack amp. This is nothing more than a marketing scam. Compressors, reverbs, EQ units etc, the pictures of the plug ins do not replicate the real thing. I think its important to acknowledge this from the beginning because it is a vital component in my guitar sound.

I used a very simple set up. 1 SM57 on the outside of the cone. You don’t need anymore than this. Maybe a room mic? But why complicate things!

75% of the sound comes from your hands so theres no way to make a bad player sound good. I dont care what amp or guitar you are using, you must first be able to play it otherwise you wont be able to take advantage of any quality amplifier.

For me, the most important thing with any amp is that it must sound quality when it is clean and must remain quality and retain the musicality in the chords when you overdrive it. I need to be able to play an overdriven sound and still hear the music in the chords and not some fuzz or buzz.

The Lionheart L20H with LT212 cabinet definitely does this better than any of the other amps that i tried.  If like me you are a blues guy or prog or melodic rock then I think you will be hard pushed to find an amp as good as this for less than $7000.
Im very happy with my Lionheart and I haven’t heard anything better since I started using it. I used the L20T-212 combo on my recent live work in the U.K and it was a home-from-home for me.
We love what we hear and can’t wait for you to check this great record out!

Vampires is available right now at




We are thrilled to announce our newest artist Serg Dimitrijevic. An established and well respected international musician originally from Sydney Australia, Serg relocated to Los Angeles six years ago where he now lives and works.

Serg uses a GH50R head with a GSV12VR cabinet. This combination encapsulates the sound he wants and the reliability he needs while playing with Earth, Wind & Fire.

Serg’s love affair for music began at an early age. Both his parent’s are avid lovers of all sorts of music which made a huge impression on his early musical interests. It wasn’t unusual to hear the latest pop music, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, AC/DC, KISS or Prince being played around the house.
It wasn’t until his early teens when Serg got bitten by the guitar bug. After messing around on an acoustic guitar and keys from ages 7 – 11, fate seemed to step in when Serg decided to skip school with a friend who had just starting playing the electric guitar and wanted to show Serg what he had learnt and to show off his new electric guitar.After listening to his friend play “It’s A Long Way To The Top” by AC/DC, Serg asked if he could show him how to play the opening riff. That would be the turning point in Serg’s life.After his friend showed him the riff, Serg quickly and naturally executed the riff and that sparked his creative fire and instant love for the guitar like he had never felt before!
Wasn’t too long after that experience that Serg pleaded with his parents for an electric guitar promising them that he would take it seriously and he would take lessons and that he had found his passion.Being the cool and hip parents,they saw the genuine enthusiasm in Serg and gave him the opportunity to indulge in something he was excited about.
Through out high school,Serg attended weekly private lessons with many of Australia’s leading guitarists and once finishing high school,saw Serg audition and get into the University of Wollongong to study music full time.During these years, Serg would find himself jamming and playing with as many people and bands as he could.Also getting himself interested in writing and recording his own music and ideas.
Serg carved out an impressive resume of artists that he worked for while living in Australia.He would constantly be on the road or in the studio with Australia’s leading artists which saw him travelling the globe with them.This also saw Serg on numerous TV shows,Radio shows and also on a few DVD’s released by a few of Australia’s biggest names.
After doing years of work in and around Australia, Serg decided to move to Los Angeles to pursue the same goals as he had reached in Australia.
Since moving to Los Angeles, Serg has been busy making the transition into the American Music Industry and making an impression due to a lot of his past experiences and his obvious passion for playing the guitar and love of music.
Serg has established himself in LA where you will find him doing studio sessions, touring,producing and writing for his own projects,other artists and music for licensing in TV and film.
The last eight years have seen Serg tour throughout North America, Canada, Japan, Europe and Australia with many established US and International artists.
* Serg also play Bass, Keys and Talk Box.

A few artists Serg has worked for/with…

– Earth,Wind & Fire – (current guitarist)
– Sugar Ray
– Heart
– Kelis
– Ariana Grande
– Aretha Franklin
– Good Charlotte
– The Madden Brothers
– Intergalactix
– Pras (The Fugees)
– Queen Latifa
– Mary Wilson (the Supremes)
– DJ Lethal (House of Pain,Limp Bizkit)
– PNAU (Australia)
– Elliot Yamin
– Jungle Bros. (US)
– Human Nature (Australia)
– Cool & Dre
– Cash Money Records
– Roc Nation Records

Laney Signs Mike Krompass

It is our pleasure to announce our new artist signing, Mike Krompass to the Laney family of artists. Mike is a seasoned professional, having collaborated with Meghan TrainorSteven Tyler5th HarmonyAshley Clark, Mutt LangeSmash MouthTheory Of A DeadmanJ Dash,  American Idol David Archuleta, Kris Allen, Jordan Knight (New Kids on the Block)Jared LeeCassidee PopeNickelodeon, Cartel, Jennifer Paige, Robbie Nevil, Three Graces, American Bang, Natasha Bedingfield, Aly and AJ, Hayden Panettiere & Colby O’donis among many others.

As a  multi-Platinum music producer, songwriter, mixer, engineer, multi-Instrumentalist and programmer, Mike has produced, engineered, mixed, written and played on many top charting Billboard hits, selling in excess of millions of units worldwide. A transplant from Toronto Canada to L.A., Mike now resides with his wife and children in Valencia CA, working out of their studio “Twelve Records Music.”

We met Mike at NAMM 2016, after he had joined “Stadium” a new “super group” with members from Aerosmith, and notably a close friend of Laney, Gary Garry Beers of INXS. Mike played through the new GHR range and was so stoked by the sound we signed him up on the spot.  Expect to see much more from these guys!!